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Guiding our clients through the maze of
Cap Tables,
Fair Value and Investor Reporting


Automating the complexity,
organizing the  details

Proven, sophisticated, ‘best in class’ software and service, specifically designed to tackle the complexities of Venture Capital and Venture Debt ‘Fair Value processes and calculations’. Keeping your Cap Tables organized, on track, and ready for reporting and analysis.   read more



Streamline your VC, RE and PE LP reporting: Calls, Distributions, LP Capital Accounts. All available through our white-labeled, on-line LP data portal. 


VCM Cap Tables:
Streamlined fair value calculations,
using our sophisticated proprietary algorithm

VCM Cap Tables enables VCs and venture lenders to effectively and professionally manage their fair value process and manage all their cap tables.



  • Audit-ready Fair Value calculations and reports, utilizing approved ASC 820, IPEV and AICPA, methodologies (Waterfall, OPM etc).

  • Portfolio management – View all your investments together and aggregated by fund – initial investment through to IRRs.

  • Benefit from VCM’s managed cap table input service – ensuring accurate data and allowing your team to concentrate on the financials and not data input.

  • Deal  Flow - Modeling out deal flow companies – spend time on analyzing multiple scenarios and how they fit your fund's financial strategy instead of spending hours just trying to manage the cap table calculations in Excel.


  • Process orientated, know who did what, when and highlight inconsistencies.

  • Highly detailed recording of Cap Table information, including rounds, shareholders, security types and security quantities.

  • A granular, comprehensive liquidation preferences data set.

  • In-depth Cap Table modeling, featuring multi-round scenarios, projected exit dates, and exit values for advanced exit analysis.

  • Allows on-line access to auditors – for transparency.

  • OPM calculations exportable to Excel.

  • Multiple funds and currencies capabilities.

  • View and download all historical quarterly data.

  • Single location, database and format for all your quarterly Fair values and cap tables.

Our overview interview regarding the impact of changes to the Cayman Island Fund Law


SaaS application

Easy to learn and use, with no need for complex IT resources. All data and documents are secured in the cloud, GDPR compliant.

Managed Cap Tables

VCM’s highly experienced Professional Services department can input your Cap tables into the application – ensuring speed and accuracy, and fully capturing the highly granular, complete, liquidation preferences data set

Proprietary Algorithm

Over 20 years in the making, probably the most advanced Cap Table waterfall calculation engine on the market.

Source Documents

A standardized and definitive document, produced by VCM’s professionals, presenting all cap table data, including all liquidation preferences, and stating where in the investment documents (AoA, warrant agreements etc.) these are cited.

VCM: Streamline. Systematize. Automate.

Why VCM? Our modules provide:

  • Adoption of best practices by utilizing VCM’s 25 years of cap table and fair value experience (founded in 1999)

  • Single source for all data

  • Systemized work processes

  • Easy learning curve

  • Multiple users, through permissions, can use the system simultaneously

  • Quarterly data integrity

  • Automatic data backup

  • Data easily exported to MS Excel 

  • Data security/Privacy

  • Minimal IT requirements




Kevin Pearl, Founder and CEO
Kevin founded VCM in 1999, after writing an initial program to help his wife as the CFO of a $270m VC fund and then upgrading and selling that program to other VC and PE houses. Kevin has vast experience in VC/PE back-office workflow needs, as well an expertise in venture capital cap tables, waterfalls and fair value methodologies and calculations. Before VCM, from 1989 to 1999, Kevin was the founder and CEO of Pearl Anderson, a clothing manufacturer, producing women's and children's knits for the US retail market. 

Tzvi Schmerhold, VP Technology
Tzvi has been at VCM since 2004. He has overall responsibility for the new VCM version 5 ,for which he oversaw its designing, writing and implementation. Tzvi has over 20 years' experience in Business/Financial software development as well as a strong background in finance. Prior to VCM, he worked in several tech startups before which he was a CPA at Deloitte in New York.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Brooklyn College and qualified as a CPA in the US in 1989.

Yoni Schwartz, VP Professional Services
Yoni joined VCM in 2019 following an extensive career spanning more than two decades in financial analysis for both private and publicly traded companies. He developed expertise in company valuation working as an analyst and portfolio manager on Wall Street and as a corporate consultant at PwC.  More recently he acted as the Senior Project Finance Modeler at Mada Energie and as Senior Business Manager at Persimio, a health-tech startup.  Yoni holds an MBA in Finance from NYU and a CFA charter.​

Yosef Levenstein, Vice President of North American Sales

Yosef joined VCM in 2023 after over a decade in financial services. He began his career as a credit default swap trader at Bear Stearns, and then led sales, marketing, and client success with early-stage fintech companies. Along the way, he developed expertise in private market architecture, with a focus on venture capital. Most recently, he oversaw deal sourcing, data systems, and marketing operations for a top-decile venture capital fund. Yosef holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Yeshiva University.

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